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Visit One News Page for Europe news from around the world, aggregated from leading sources including newswires, newspapers and broadcast media. Search millions of archived news headlines. This feed provides the Europe news headlines.

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    Britain will begin rehearsals for the possible chaos of a no-deal Brexit on Monday by testing how the road network copes with a tailback of around 150 lorries caused by disruption at its most important trading gateway to continental Europe. Reported by Reuters 1 hour ago.

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    · *Apple's revenue warning this week shook investors, sending shares plunging 10% and plaguing the broader market.*
    · *The tech giant pinned most of the blame on a slowdown in iPhone sales, primarily in China.*
    · *But China isn't Apple's biggest issue, according to a new analysis from CLSA, who points to the iPhones' average selling price and rising competition as the "real problems."*


    Investors were shaken this week as Apple warned late Wednesday it would miss revenue expectations for its fiscal first-quarter. CEO Tim Cook wrote in a letter to investors that lower-than-expected iPhone revenue, "primarily" in Greater China, was largely to blame, sending shares down 10% Thursday for their worst day in six years.

    But that's missing Apple's biggest problems, according to a new report from Nicolas Baratte and Cherry Ma, analysts at Hong Kong-based CLSA, who point directly to the iPhone's climbing average selling price (ASP) and increased competition from the likes of Huawei and others.

    CLSA estimates the iPhone's ASP is set to increase by at least 7% versus a year ago, to $852. That would lead to the total iPhone units sold to decline by 20%, or by about 62 million units, they said.

    "While Tim Cook blamed a slowing China economy and trade tension, we maintain that in our opinion the iPhone ASP is the biggest problem given uninspiring specs and rising competition in China and in Europe," the analysts wrote.

    "In particular, we think the Huawei P and Mate are a problem for Apple given similar hardware specs at 2/3rd or half the price."

    Apple said other issues impacting its revenue readjustment included foreign-exchange headwinds, weaker-than-expected iPhone upgrades, and customers taking advantage of a battery-replacement offer.

    Here's a breakdown from CLSA's report of the comparisons between Apple's products sold in China and its competitors' products sold in China:

    More broadly, the analysts wrote that while Greater China accounted for the majority of the short fall, iPhone sales in other emerging markets also declined. Additionally, iPhone upgrades were weaker-than-expected in some developed markets, too. 

    But the majority of Apple analysts are holding onto their bullish views despite problems seemingly coming from all corners.

    The majority of Wall Street analysts took down their price targets this week, but maintained their positive or neutral ratings. CLSA does not carry a price target or investment rating for the stock. 

    "While China demand, trade/tariff worries, lower priced competition, and competition in the mature smart phone industry are all clear headwinds for Apple, we stay bullish on the name purely on our belief in Cupertino’s ability to monetize its 1.3 billion active installed base and drive upgrades/services around this for the coming years," Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush, told clients on Thursday.

    Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment about this report.

    *Read more about the market's reaction to Apple's announcement:*

    · *The $450 billion wipeout: Apple's value has fallen by more than Facebook's entire worth in three short months*
    · *Apple's stock just plunged, but Wall Street is telling clients to hold on for dear life*

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    NOW WATCH: The equity chief at $6.3 trillion BlackRock weighs in on the trade war, a possible recession, and offers her best investing advice for a tricky 2019 landscape Reported by Business Insider 15 minutes ago.

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    Number of illegal migrants entering Europe hit a five-year low of 150,000 in 2018 The EU border agency Frontex released new figures Friday, showing that Spain saw the most unauthorised entries in 2018, as Italy's numbers fell after the election of an anti-immigration coalition. Reported by MailOnline 1 hour ago.

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    Eurosonic Youth: New Acts To Look Out For At ESNS19 A round up of excellent new music at the mammoth Dutch showcase...

    Nestled in the far north of the Netherlands and buffeted by cold North Sea wind and rain, Groningen might not be top of many people’s list for a weekend away in January. But that would be to reckon without *Eurosonic Nooderslag*, Europe’s biggest and most important showcase festival.

    Featuring a colossal 310 acts spread over four days and nights, the great and good of the continent’s music industry descend on the city to hear the best new music, with labels, bookers, agents, managers, press, and fans all hoping to discover which acts will light up the year ahead.

    With so many artists performing, there’s something for everyone – from post- classical to avant garde pop via industrial noise and experimental techno – and plotting a schedule each night is no easy task. We could recommend fifty bands that are worth checking out, but we don’t have the space – and you don’t have the time.

    So here instead are seven of the best, most interesting artists – genuinely special talents who stand poised to make a big impact over the coming twelve months, and who you really shouldn’t miss.

    - - -

    *Black Midi*With precious few songs online and an extremely elusive digital presence, Black Midi are an enigma that have nonetheless become London’s “most compelling new band”. The four-piece have been the talk of the town for a number of months now, their post-punk and math-y noise rock deconstructions winning critical acclaim and fans in equal measure – their regular shows at Brixton’s The Windmill are now quite the event.

    Expect dirty grooves, jazzy riffs, atonal guitars, primal screeching, and explosions of noise – truly they make a glorious racket – from a group subverting notions of what a guitar band can be in 2019.

    - - -

    *The Ills*Blending elements of prog, metal, and shoegaze, the soaring post-rock of The Ills is reminiscent of Mogwai’s brute sonic force and the masterful, wide-screen crescendos of Explosions In the Sky. Built around melodic – and at times, surprisingly delicate – riffs, their songs bloom into vast, colourful clouds that fill the horizon, wild rides of euphoria that are as thrilling as they are thoughtful.

    With a new album slated for an early 2019 release, this will be the first opportunity to hear how they’ve progressed from the majesty of 2016’s 'Ornamental Or Metal'.

    - - -

    *Tomat Petrella*It’s unlikely that songs titled ‘Wolf 1061 C’ or ‘HD 40307 G’ will ever storm the charts, but there’s an otherworldly, enigmatic charm to Tomat Petrella’s futuristic sounding jazz-meets-electronica creations.

    The Italian duo – Turin based multi-instrumentalist Davide Tomat and world-renowned jazz trombonist Gianluca Petrella – craft songs that sound like a more upbeat Blade Runner soundtrack, full of elegant synth washes and deep, unsettling, trombone blasts and loops. Lord knows how they’ll reproduce such deft textures and complexities live, but it’ll be fun watching them try.

    - - -

    *Hatari*How to describe the madness that is Icelandic band Hatari? Imagine a trio of steampunk industrial cyber-goths spewing out twisted electronic beats, guttural growls, and buzzsaw synths while offering tales that illustrate their “underlying philosophy of deep social discontent”. Sounds intense, right?

    Their shows are frighteningly aggressive, in-your-face affairs, brutal sonic assaults that leave you in no doubt how seriously they take their music – in many ways, the perfect band for troubled times. If you want to full on lose your shit or exorcise some demons, get down the front for this and let loose.

    - - -

    *Flohio*Being hailed as UK rap’s “most vital new voice”, Best New Track for ‘Watchout’ from Pitchfork, packed clubs on her first headline tour; these are just some of Flohio’s 2018’s accomplishments.

    The South London MC and rapper – real name Funmi Ohio – combines grime, rap, and industrial trap with lyrical punches and a relentless, dexterous delivery, a genre-defying mix that brims with a swaggering confidence and fiery intent. Few performers are as visceral or possessed of such a magnetic presence; catch her while her star is burning white hot.

    - - -

    *Isama Zing*The enigmatic and mysterious producer and DJ crafts some of the most forward- thinking, captivating electronica we’ve heard in quite some time. A member of Mäss, a Slovak micro collective, record label, and club night, his post-industrial soundscapes are shot through with joyful melodies and bursts of euphoria, like a more playful Aphex Twin. Live, his beats are a touch heavier and the bass a little more insistent, but it’s not techno for chin-scratching musos – this is dance music for the feet as well as the brain.

    - - -

    *Lewsberg*Technically part of the Nooderslag festival on the Saturday, Rotterdam’s Lewsberg are one of the finest guitar bands to emerge from The Netherlands’ burgeoning scene in 2018 (their self-titled debut is set for a proper UK release in February via Cargo Records).

    This is clever, alt. college rock in the style of the Modern Lovers. This is a throwback to classic NYC sounds, a beguiling mix of Television, Talking heads, and The Velvet Underground. This is sardonic wit and detachment, delivered in a sing-speak style that reflects Big City melancholy. This is, quite simply, brilliant and unmissable.

    - - -

    Words: *Derek Robertson */ *@DerekRocks*

    Eurosonic Noorderslag runs between January 15th - 18th.

    Join us on *Vero*, as we get under the skin of global cultural happenings. Follow *Clash Magazine* as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Get backstage sneak peeks and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold.

    ***B*uy Clash Magazine** Reported by Clash 48 minutes ago.

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    The solution to Apple's problems is easy: Release a cheaper iPhone (AAPL)· Apple blamed a collapse in China for an unprecedented revenue shortfall in its most important quarter.
    · Apple missed its own revenue projection by at least $4 billion.
    · There are a lot of factors, but one is clear: Apple's iPhones have gotten more expensive and it's starting to hurt demand. 

    When Apple pre-announced the bombshell that it would miss its own revenue target — by at least $4 billion — for the first time in 16 years, it provided a lot of reasons why.

    The primary reason given by Apple CEO Tim Cook is that new iPhones did not sell well in China, because the economy is not doing well there.

    But he also mentioned a strong dollar, supply constraints, and fewer smartphone subsidies from wireless carriers as reasons for the unprecedented shortfall in Apple's revenue. 

    One thing he didn't mention? That Apple raised prices for the iPhone across the board this fall. The least expensive new phone, the iPhone XR, is 7% more expensive than last year's entry-level new phone, the iPhone 8. That's in addition to releasing the most expensive smartphone ever, the iPhone XS Max, which starts at $1,100, and can be configured to cost as much as $1,459. 

    In fact, there's a simple solution for Apple's problems: It could release iPhones at lower prices to increase sales. It's basic economics — people buy more widgets as prices goes down.

    *Read more*: Goldman Sachs called Apple's bombshell miss for the holiday quarter way back in November

    If iPhone prices are eye-watering for Americans, they're even more expensive abroad, thanks to that strong dollar and prices that are often higher overseas than in the United States. For example, an iPhone XS costs 8,338 Chinese yuan. That works out to $1,220 for a phone that retails in the US at $999. 

    Analysts generally buy the fact that economic conditions in China declined quickly between November 1, when Apple said demand was good, and January 2, when it implied in its guidance it would sell about 7 million iPhones less than it had expected in the holiday quarter, according to an estimate from Above Avalon analyst Neil Cybart. 

    While lots of signs are pointing to a rapidly declining economy in many parts of China, partially fueled by the Trump administration's tariff threats (which have not gone into effect) that's still a huge miss — suggesting that the rising iPhone price is a factor, too.

    "While Tim Cook blamed a slowing China economy and trade tension, we maintain that in our opinion the iPhone average sales price is the biggest problem given uninspiring specs and rising competition in China and in Europe," Nicolas Baratte and Cherry Ma, analysts at Hong Kong-based CLSA, wrote in a note on Friday. 

    "In particular, we think the Huawei P and Mate are a problem for Apple given similar hardware specs at 2/3rd or half the price," the analysts continued. 

    There are reasons to keep iPhone prices high, some analysts suggest.

    "It’s extremely easy to say Apple should just cut product pricing to boost demand," Cybart wrote on Thursday. "However, it’s not clear how such a move leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty."

    *Skyrocketing average sales price*

    The average price of an iPhone has been growing prodigiously. In the third quarter of 2018, the average iPhone sold for $793, a massive rise from the $618 Apple said it cost a year ago.

    (Going forward, Apple announced in November, investors won't have access to average selling price numbers.)

    "The answer is absolutely that [average sales prices] increases affected demand. Not only was I wrong on my optimism that higher ASP would offset weakness and result in better than expected sales performance, but they were too aggressive in their price increases," Tom Forte, senior research analyst at D.A. Davidson, told Business Insider. 

    Some analysts wonder if Apple will see its average selling price decline going forward. 

    "We believe that focus should now shift to ASP decline potential in 2019," Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall wrote on Thursday. "Weaker macro and [foreign exchange rates] may push consumers toward less expensive iPhone models."

    Those less expensive iPhone models are the older models, which do not get heavily marketed, and which are facing sales bans in Germany and China due to the global legal battle with Qualcomm.

    Even Apple's marketing now focuses on price, for the first time in memory. Apple's advertising now often highlights the iPhone XR for a price below its $749 retail price after factoring a trade-in device, suggesting that Apple knows its customers are price sensitive. 

    *Services as the bright spot *

    Apple did highlight some bright spots in its letter to investors: that products like online services, AirPods, Apple Watch, and Mac computers all reported record revenue. In fact, they grew by 19% annually.

    But all of those products essentially require an iPhone. It's unlikely someone would buy cloud storage or Apple Music if they weren't already in Apple's ecosystem. AirPods and Apple Watch basically don't work unless the customer already has an iPhone, and the Mac is a premium laptop that works best with an iPhone.

    That's why Apple emphasized that the number of iPhone users out there remains growing. "Our installed base of active devices hit a new all-time high — growing by more than 100 million units in 12 months," Cook wrote in his letter. 

    The installed base number is the number that's going to continue driving all of these other products that Apple sells. And if Apple is serious about becoming a company that makes a lot of its money by selling online services, as it signaled in November, it needs the installed base to continue rising.

    That means introducing lower-cost iPhones, some analysts believe. 

    "This year’s iPhone XR is 7.5% more expensive than the 8," Forte said, "If we were having this conversation prior to the pre-announcement, Apple still lacks in its product portfolio a low-priced smartphone to fully exploit emerging markets."

    "This still shows there’s a hole in the product strategy not having the lower-price device," he said. "But that hole might never get plugged. It might be their permanent strategy."

    *SEE ALSO: A MoviePass product manager resigned and blasted its leadership in a scathing letter emailed to all staff*

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    Matt Wallace believes Padraig Harrington will work "tirelessly" to ensure Europe retain the Ryder Cup if, as expected, the three-time major winner is named captain for the 2020 contest next week. Reported by 23 minutes ago.

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    We are looking for examples of innovation in law and the business of law for the 2019 report and awards Reported by 29 minutes ago.

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    Reported by SeekingAlpha 25 minutes ago.

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    Female driver to wear the key at world-famous 3,100-mile off-road vehicle race

    LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) January 04, 2019

    Penthouse World Media LLC, the leading adult media brand and publisher of PENTHOUSE magazine, and Penthouse Clubs Worldwide LLC partner to sponsor veteran off-road driver Olga Rouckova at the 2019 Dakar Rally.

    To read the online interview with Olga on PENTHOUSE, click here.

    The world-renowned off-road endurance rally will be held from January 6 to 17, 2019 in Peru. The 10-stage race will feature a variety of off-road vehicles in four classes and covers 3,100 miles from start to finish. Rouckova will be one of 17 female competitors in the race made up of a total of 334 racers. Although a traditionally male-oriented event, the 2019 Dakar Rally hit a huge milestone with the most female drivers to date, empowering women around the world to showcase their competitive skills.

    “We are excited to be supporting the highly-accomplished Olga Rouckova in this amazing challenge which is the Dakar Rally,” said Catherine Brandt, COO of Penthouse World Media LLC. “It is an honor for PENTHOUSE to represent a female driver who embodies beauty, strength and determination, and this is a direction the brand is excited to embrace.”

    “Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC, the exclusive Licensor of the world’s premier gentlemen’s club brand, is pleased to support Rouckova in this feat. The Dakar Rally stands for both excellence and luxury, two traits embodied by Penthouse Clubs around the world, and we’re thrilled to provide a platform for a woman to excel and succeed in an arena that’s traditionally dominated by men,” said John Kirkendoll, CEO of Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC.

    As sponsors, Penthouse World Media LLC and Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC will provide financial and promotional support to Rouckova, by way of marketing and advertising campaigns as well as media opportunities during the race. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    “I am honored and grateful to be sponsored by PENTHOUSE, the iconic brand that represents beauty, culture and progressive thought,” Rouckova said.

    Born in Czech Republic, Rouckova is an accomplished quad racer with her four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, having participated in a number of competitions like the FIM BAJA Europe for 3 years finishing every race on the podium, the Merzouga Rally in Morocco, along with obstacle races such as the Spartan race, Army Run, Gladiator Race and many others.

    For more information visit and

    About Penthouse World Media LLC:
    Since 1965, PENTHOUSE has been covering — and uncovering — America and the entire world. With a spotlight on exquisiteness, pleasing aesthetic sensibilities, and a desire to empower women to feel strength in their beauty and uniqueness, PENTHOUSE casts an honest light on the often shadowy sides of life, politics and culture.

    About Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC:
    Stemming from the iconic publication founded by Bob Guccione in England in 1965 and brought to the United States in 1969, The Penthouse Club is “Where the Magazine Comes to Life!”

    A wholly owned affiliate of Kirkendoll Management, LLC, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC’s (PCGL) goal is to create world-class establishments by providing club owners and operators with innovative new tools and services to enhance their customers’ experience. As licensor, PCGL adds value beyond the brand name by offering access to their best in practice operations processes, proprietary technology and outstanding marketing services. The Penthouse Club has locations domestically in California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia. For more information on The Penthouse Club and/or PCGL, please visit

    Keywords: Penthouse World Media LLC, Penthouse magazine, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing, Penthouse Club, Penthouse, Olga Rouckova, female driver, sponsor, Dakar Rally, Peru, off-road race, iconic brand, John Kirkendoll, marketing, advertising, leisure, luxury, freedom of expression, January 6, January 17 Reported by PRWeb 17 minutes ago.

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    The Year of Populism: Europe's Right Wing Takes Aim at the EU Right-wing populist parties in Europe have been gaining strength for years. Now, they hope to use European Parliament elections in May as a springboard for gaining greater influence in the EU. Surveys indicate they may be successful. By DER SPIEGEL Staff Reported by Spiegel 4 minutes ago.

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    According to reports in Italy, Chelsea are said to be planning on registering a £36 million offer for PSV Eindhoven star Hirving Lozano. The 23 year old turned some heads during his appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Mexico last year, and ever since then many top clubs around Europe have been sniffing […]

    The post Chelsea planning big Lozano bid appeared first on Soccer News. Reported by 3 hours ago.

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    Julian calendar sees adherents in Eastern Europe and Middle East honour Nativity almost two weeks after the West Reported by Independent 3 hours ago.

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    Battered auto stocks look primed for an explosive recovery — here's why Wall Street thinks they'll crush the market in 2019 (GM, F, TSLA)· *Auto stocks got clobbered last year amid falling sales and an ongoing trade war with China*
    · *Wall Street analysts predict the sector could come roaring back this year, even possibly beating out market benchmarks*
    · *UBS says in past years when auto stocks have trailed the market, they've come back nearly 30% — much more than strategists say major indices will rise. *

    Stock markets around the world have been in turmoil, and automotive equities have been among the worst hit.

    In the past year, the Nasdaq OMX  Global Automobile Index — a market-cap weighted list of the world's 24 largest manufacturers  — has fallen 28% compared to the benchmark S&P 500 index’s 10% decline in the same period.

    Still, many Wall Street analysts say the slump could soon rebound.

    "In the 12-months following periods of greater than 20% underperformance, the US Auto Supplier Index has produced an average return of ~29%," UBS autos analyst Colin Langan said in note to clients Friday.

    The bank says the index has trailed benchmark stock indexes more than 20% five times since 200, and after every time, it then came roaring back an average of 29%. 

    By comparison, the S&P 500 will finish 2019 roughly 18% higher than current levels, according to a group of Wall Street strategists surveyed by Bloomberg. Even though that would be a robust return, it would still trail Langan's auto forecast by more than 10 percentage points.

    **Most of the growth will be fueled by macro trends**

    It's largely macro trends that have hurt the sector: above all, President Trump's ongoing trade war with China.

    Oil prices beginning to creep up from record lows and rising interest rates on loans have also helped bring on the end of an automotive cycle. Total sales in December hinted at another year just above the 17 million mark, government data released Friday showed, a significant slowdown from sharp gains in the post-financial crisis era.

    "A commodity reversal," UBS adds, "which has mostly impacted OEMs but also some suppliers (TEN, ADNT) could help investors get comfortable" thanks to raw materials costs no longer being a negative.

    Then there's the question of individual stocks. Analysts polled by Bloomberg have bullish targets on almost every major automotive equity in the US, Europe, and Asia. Even Tesla, whose stock tends to exacerbate any rift between bulls and bears, has bullish average from Street analysts. 

    Major auto shows, beginning with Detroit in early January and followed soon after by stops in Los Angeles and New York could be catalysts, offering new product launches and executives taking the stage to interface with the public. 

    "Positive sentiment is returning and that should hopefully aid sales in January and February," Ashish Kale, president of Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations, told Bloomberg recently. "As of now the inventory levels have come down from the highs at start of December."

    Joe Ciolli assisted with reporting. 

    *SEE ALSO: Flying taxis and delivery drones are coming — and Wall Street predicts these 40 companies will be the biggest players*

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    NOW WATCH: This two-faced truck is made from two Chevy Silverados — here's what it looks like on the road Reported by Business Insider 2 hours ago.

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    Atlanta, GA, Jan. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- *ATLANTA, January 4, 2019* - The Board of Directors of Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI; "Company") today declared a quarterly dividend of 13 cents per share.  The dividend is payable on February 1, 2019 to shareholders of record on January 18, 2019.

    *About Acuity Brands*

    Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) is the North American market leader and one of the world’s leading providers of lighting and building management solutions. With fiscal year 2018 net sales of $3.7 billion, Acuity Brands currently employs approximately 13,000 associates and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with operations throughout North America, and in Europe and Asia. The Company’s products and solutions are sold under various brands, including Lithonia Lighting®, Holophane®, Aculux®, American Electric Lighting®, Antique Street Lamps™, Atrius™, DGLogik™, Distech Controls®, DTL®, eldoLED®, Gotham®, Healthcare Lighting®, Hydrel®, Indy™, IOTA®, Juno®, Lucid®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, nLight®, Peerless®, RELOC® Wiring, ROAM®, Sensor Switch®, Sunoptics® and Winona® Lighting. Visit us at

    CONTACT: Dan Smith
    Acuity Brands, Inc.
    PH: 404.853.1423 Reported by GlobeNewswire 2 hours ago.

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    Attempts to enter without permission fall to 150,000 as numbers from north Africa drop, figures show Reported by Independent 1 hour ago.

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    Tesla allows people in Europe and China to start configuring Model 3s Tesla started taking reservations for the Model 3 in Europe and China at the end of 2018, which meant that interested buyers were able play around with the company’s online configurator after plunking down a $1,000 deposit. But now anyone in those markets can tinker with the company’s “design studio,” as Tesla announced on Friday that it’s opened up access to everyone in China and select left-hand-drive countries in Europe (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Luxembourg).

    Only two versions of the Model 3 are available to configure right now: the long range all-wheel drive Model 3, and its snappier counterpart, the Model 3 Performance. The “medium... Reported by The Verge 1 hour ago.

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    U.S. women's national team coach Jill Ellis has named a 26-player roster for the team's January camp in Europe Reported by FOX Sports 11 minutes ago.

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    Tesla Model 3-rivalling electric saloon will be unveiled in full in the next few weeks from Volvo's performance brand

    Polestar has released an image previewing the design of its upcoming electric four-door coupé ahead of its release in the second half of this year. 

    The Tesla Model 3 rival will follow Volvo's performance brand's first model, the hybrid-powered Polestar 1, which will go on sale in Europe in summer 2019. 

    Details are scarce, but the company refers to the model's body style as that of a four-door "fastback", and states that it will be the first vehicle to feature Google's new human-machine interface technology and the in-car version of Google Assistant. 

    The company says the new model will "be sold in the Tesla Model 3 price range", suggesting a likely starting price of around £50,000. Customers will purchase the Polestar 2 on a subscription basis, set to take the form of "a slightly more premium version" of Volvo's own Care by Volvo scheme. 

    The company says a full reveal will take place in the coming weeks, but claims the Polestar 2 will produce up to 400bhp and offer a claimed range of roughly 300 miles. 

    Speaking to Autocar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018, Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman confirmed some details of the new model. 

    Talking about the range of the entry-level model, he said: "That will represent the lower ‘bookend’ of our showroom range and, for now, it should give us as much access to the volume end of the EV market as we need." 

    The Polestar 2 is understood to closely relate to Volvo's 40.2 concept shown early in 2017, alongside the 40.1 concept which has since been revealed in production form as the XC40 compact SUV.

    Goodman also warned that any established manufacturer that launches an EV sub-brand built on alternative design over the next few years might be making a big mistake, given the pace at which the market for EVs is set to develop.

    “The global electric car market was worth four million units in 2017,” explained Goodman, “but it’s quite widely expected to be worth 29m units by 2025. EV owners will come from all walks of life. So it’s a mistake to assume that, because the cars are electric, you have to make them quirky or futuristic.

    "Other brands may be doing that, but if we’re looking at a market worth 30m cars within seven years, it isn’t going to be niche, it’s going to be mainstream. So you just design a great-looking car – not one with a big blue flash down the side.”

    In contrast to the cultish following that rival brand Tesla has attracted, Goodman also wants Polestar to have an inclusive attitude towards its customers.“I think it’s very dangerous for brands like ours to sit here and ask ‘what’s our type of customer?'", he went on.

    “Electric cars will be just as appealing to young executives as they are to retirees. It’s a new market, and purchase intentions will vary. So we’ve got to be a welcoming brand that’s not geeky, cliquey or judgmental.” 

    *Read more*

    *Tesla Model 3 review*

    *Polestar 1 prototypes enter production*

    *New electric cars 2019/2020: What’s coming and when?​* Reported by Autocar 22 hours ago.

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    Channel migrants 'could be sent straight back to France' to claim asylum Sources at the Home Office revealed talks are underway to exploit the so-called Dublin regulations that police asylum claims across Europe. Reported by MailOnline 20 hours ago.

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    Bristol Bears given boost as Exeter Chiefs have one eye on Europe Chiefs director of rugby speaks to the press Reported by Bristol Post 20 hours ago.

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